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Sealandair Cargo Movers Ltd is specialist worldwide air freight, sea freight and road freight services forwarding company, with the ability to offer air, sea, road and rail logistics services to or from any accessible destination in the entire world

Utilizing a combined wealth of over 10 years’ experience in the African market, we provide a door to door service to all major destinations via a carefully chosen network of independent approved suppliers and overseas partners.

We pride ourselves on our approach to our customers which, combined with our commitment to client satisfaction, allows us to deal with all sorts of people from the smallest of independent companies with overseas trade to major blue chip companies with the same personal +254772561415

Key Services Offered :

  • Ocean Freight.
  • Airfreight.
  • Freight trucking.
  • Refrigerated cargo.


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Our Core Services

Ocean Freight.

Freedom to move freight your way. We work with top Carriers around the world to offer the most competitive rates and secure space. We’re proud to say that all documentation and value added extras are processed in-house through our network of offices around the globe to ensure your cargo arrives as planned and promptly. We can book your cargo, arrange for pickup and delivery, and manage all import/export documentation from nearly any origin or destination in the world. Our team of experts will manage your ocean shipment from door-to-door based on your cargos ready date, shipment size, and equipment needs.

Full Container Loads (FCL).

FCL shipping is the most efficient and cost effective container shipping method. FCL involves one shipper and one consignee – meaning you do not share space in the container with other shippers. In order to simplify the process and reduce risk, many shippers choose to ship FCL while not actually filling the container to capacity. A typical door-to-door FCL shipping process includes: • Transporting the empty container from the container yard • Loading the container at the shipper’s facility • Transporting the container via truck or rail to the departure port • Shipping the container to the destination port • Delivering the container to its final destination

Less than Container Load (LCL)

When shippers do not have enough cargo to fill an entire 20 foot or 40 foot container, we recommend less-than-container load shipping. LCL refers to consolidated shipments of loose cargo that are typically boxed, palletized or crated. LCL is typically cheaper due to the cost of the full container being shared between multiple shippers – however, the rate per equivalent weight of an LCL shipment will be much higher than a full container load (FCL). Despite sharing a container with other shippers, LCL still allows visibility and control over your cargo.

Break Bulk Cargo.

Break bulk shipping refers to cargo that must be loaded onto a vessel individually, rather than in a shipping container. Break bulk cargo will not fit into a container due to its large size or weight. We will take care of your break bulk shipment, including heavy machinery, large equipment, and infrastructure building supplies, granite blocks, rolling stock, oil well supplies, and other various types of project cargo. Our skilled operations team will take your cargo from door-to-door regardless of any special needs you may have..

Refrigerated Containers (Reefers)

A reefer container is a special type of container equipped with a refrigerated motor. This allows for the transportation of sensitive goods that may need controlled temperatures such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, chocolate, wine, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.


It’s no secret that cargo moves much quicker around the globe by plane than it does by sea. Nobody chooses to ship their goods via airplane because they have a bunch of extra time to kill. Our dedicated operations team understands that sometimes you need to operate on a tight deadline. We have the transportation resources and shipping know-how to get your cargo on flights the same day or with very little turnaround. We work around the clock and around the world, so you don’t have to. Get a FREE detailed quote with just a few clicks! We will listen to your unique situation and recommend the exact set of services that you need to get your goods from origin to destination without delay and without unnecessary steps. You will have complete control over all pertinent documentation. In addition, you can benefit from our quick clearance service, which allows your goods to get to their final destination faster. We also offer: • In-house customs brokerage • Inventory management • Supply chain consulting • Cargo insurance Just when things seem like they can’t get any better, they do!

Simple and Streamlined Global Supply Chains

Supply chains can be complicated, but they shouldn’t be for you. We streamline the air freight forwarding process by booking your cargo, handling pickup and delivery, and managing all documentation every step of the way. We offer domestic and international services, handle imports and exports, and we can even accommodate your perishable goods. And no matter how many steps it involves or what we have to do, we get it done according to your needs and on your schedule. If you’ve worked with an air freight company in the past that tries to explain to you how complex air freight is, or comes up with a list of excuses about why your shipment can’t be where you need it the next day, you know how frustrating it is to be told “no.” Fortunately, SEALANDAIR CARGO MOVERS LTD is a “yes” company that won’t give you excuses – just one low rate tailored to fit your exact needs. Call us today to get the quote that will change the way you do business.

Freight trucking

We Are All About Efficiency Our Dedicated Operations Team Will Ensure Your Cargo Ends Up Where You Need It, When You Need It. Have you thought about the nature of your shipment? What are your priorities for your cargo? Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or aren’t quite sure what you need, our freight trucking experts will work with you to determine the best course of action. We can then set out a detailed plan that accomplishes your goals and fits your schedule. Get a FREE detailed quote with just a few clicks! Full Truckload Shipments (FTL) Shipping a full truckload (FTL) provides more options for your cargo. Shipping FTL from origin to destination is the most time and cost efficient way to move a large amount of cargo. Your goods remain with a dedicated trailer, meaning there is no need to consolidate with other cargo. FTL options for large shipments may include specialized equipment such as air ride, removable goose-neck flatbed, heavy haul trucking, and refrigerated trucks. As a rule of thumb, FTL shipments normally range from 15,000 pounds to 45,000 pounds. The pricing for FTL shipping is based on a rate per mile cost with a minimum charge per load. It is important to deal with an industry leader who understands and can guide you through The National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) standard.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1. Where are your offices located?

The company is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya and operates affiliate offices globally, South/Central America, and Asia/Africa/Europe e.t.c. Having partners around the globe allows us to maintain control of your cargo without communication delays.

Q 2. What documents will I need?

The number of documents required when shipping internationally can be overwhelming. Our in-house customs brokers are prepared to take care of everything, reducing the risk of delays and confusion with customs.

Q 3. Can you work with my supplier?

Trusting a supplier, who you may have never met, can be unsettling. Our trusted teams of inspectors perform in-depth factory inspections, providing you with a detailed report to ensure you feel confident sending your money overseas.

Q4. Should I insure my cargo?

While cargo insurance isn’t required, we highly recommend it. Sunken ships, natural disasters, and damaged freight could put a serious halt in your supply chain.

Q 5. What information is needed for a quote?

For our team to best assist you they will need to know the dimensions and weight of your shipment, piece count, and the origin and destination countries.

Q 6. Do you ship for small business?

There is no minimum requirement when shipping your goods overseas, but it is always best to contact a member of our team to make sure it makes sense for us to work together.

Latest News about our Industry

Less than Truckload Shipping (LTL)

Less than truckload refers to cargo that travels on the same truck as other shipments. Pricing for LTL shipments is based on current rates, tariffs, discounts, lanes, class, weight and surcharges. We offer quick transit times for both LTL and FTL.


Our ground freight shipping options include trucks equipped with a refrigerator motor, which allows for the transportation of sensitive goods that may need controlled temperatures. Products like fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meat, chocolate, wine, pharmaceuticals and chemicals are examples of goods that need refrigerated trucks to be moved.

Oversized Cargo

Transporting large and heavy freight? We’ve got you covered. Our skilled team has years of experience managing heavy shipments. We move your oversized cargo using Flat Racks, Roll-On Roll-Off (RoRo) or Lift-On Lift-Off (LoLo) across bridges, narrow roadways or sensitive areas, and obtain all the necessary permits. We also check the route for obstacles, weight limits and other issues ahead of time so you don’t have to worry.

Rail Freight Transport

We also offer rail freight services from the Port of Mombasa to Nairobi. Shipping cargo via railroad is similar to a full truckload (FTL) door-to-door shipment. As an example, a rail container is delivered by truck to the shipper’s dock for loading. The container is then transported by truck to the nearest rail service center. The shipment safely travels via rail to the closest rail ramp where the container is transferred to a truck one more time and driven to its final destination. Rail transportation has the advantage of improving loss prevention and cargo damages.


Supply chains can be complicated, but you found us for a reason, All-inclusive freight proposals,Offices around the globe and Personnel who understand your supply chain. Why choose SCM LTD for your business’ international shipping? Sealandair Cargo Movers Ltd moves freight globally by air, ocean, rail, and truck for all shippers and consignees alike. Our main goal is to offer a portfolio of services at attractive prices that will help your business be successful. We understand the importance of your bottom line, and the ability to pass along savings and benefits to your customers. We can facilitate specialized cargo handling requirements for a large range of commodities, meaning no matter what you need us to transport, we can accommodate your requests. Our international business shipping services are ideal for businesses pursuing a strong global presence.

Vehicle Shipping

How does it work? When it comes to vehicle shipping it is important for you to know that we ship all vehicles securely blocked, braced and tied down to ensure absolute security during transportation. For your protection and peace of mind, we always recommend getting cargo insurance, no matter what you’re shipping. What we need to know before shipping your vehicle; What type of vehicle are you shipping?, What’s the make, model, and year?, What are the origin and destination countries?, What date will the vehicle be ready to ship?, Are you looking to ship other items with the vehicle?, Do you want the shipment insured? How to prepare your vehicle We’ll organize everything from your vehicle’s origin to destination as we guide you through the process of shipping automobiles. You’ll be provided with all the information you need, step by step. Your shipment may have special requirements, but the following list of items applies to most vehicle shipments. Thoroughly clean the vehicle, Have the vehicle serviced, Remove aftermarket parts, Remove all personal items, Leave less than 1/4 gallon of fuel, Disable the vehicle’s alarm system, Ensure the vehicle is sealed, Have an extra set of keys.